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New Interface

The new Interface is more appealing and easy to use. Boost your efficiency with the management features added to the platform.


Create a map to help you manage your devices. Use the layout of your space to better organize your work.

New Devices

The new devices OnOff now come with WI-FI controllers where activation is possible from anywhere in the world!

The Solution

The Way2OnOff is an energy management solution and equipment.

With this service you can control and monitor your electrical equipment from a distance. Schedule and plan the operation of any device and increase the energy efficiency of your business.
The Way2OnOff can adapt to various equipment or functions, being ideal for the sector of industry, Commerce, catering, hospitality, major infrastructure and even private residences.
Our solution encompasses the aspects of hardware and software, and is completely adaptable to the needs and specific features of each of our clients.



The Way2OnOff has a variety of applications and can be used to achieve different goals.


 Equipment control by remote access.


 Equipment operations scheduling.


 Sending alerts in case of anomaly.


 Temperature and humidity control.


 Sending of detailed reports.


 Control by means of motion sensors.


 Energy management solution and equipment.


With the Way2OnOff control and monitor the operation and energy consumption levels of your equipment.

Technical Features

The Way2OnOff platform is easy to use and simple to access.


The online platform allows the concurrent access of multiple users. Make the management of your devices without worries.

 Real Time

Using just your Web browser, log on to Way2OnOff from any device, anywhere and anytime!

 Low Cost

Eliminate costs with servers, upgrades and maintenance, and always have access to the latest versions and features.

 Detailed Reports

Get through your email detailed reports of your energy consumption.

 SMS Service

Send to the numbers you want text alerts in the event of failure or malfunction of electrical equipment.

 Privacy and Safety

The Way2OnOff software is housed in a specialised Datacenter that ensures all safety conditions.

Hotels Fenix

New Interface

The Way2OnOff systems are currently in its trial version in seven hotels of this prestigious hotel group.

Where can i use it?

The Way2OnOff can help any business to make the management of your electrical equipment.

Bet on the energy efficiency of your retail space. Schedule the operation of their equipment and eliminate standby consumption.

Receive regular reports with information of consumption registered in each Division of your hotel. Plan the operation of your devices and improve the quality of its service.

Remotely control your equipment through a single platform. Perform actions on/off on your devices and receive alerts and reports from functioning.

Monitor your consumption globally and in each of its outlets. Enjoy still to install smart outlets in your home and control them remotely.

Optimize existing resources in your establishment. Have access to a detailed analysis of the subscribed demand and notice if it's tailored to your needs.

Make sure that your electrical equipment are switched on only when you need them. Drastically reduce the electricity bill without sacrificing the quality of your work!